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So What Controls What?

The chart below shows the relationship between your spine and the various organs/organ systems within your body. This guide illustrates the profound effect that the misalignment or degeneration of any area of your spine can have on your health.


Cervical Spine - Neck (C1 - C7)

There are seven cervical vertebrae from C1-C7. The "Atlas" C1 holds the globe of the skull like the god Atlas held the Earth. C2, the "Axis", permits the head turning and tilting.


  • C1 - Brain, Nasal and Palette Glands, Lungs, Heart, Spleen, Kidney, Stomach, Liver, Large Intestines
  • C2 - Eye, Sinuses, Brain, Nasal and Palette Glands
  • C3 - Eye, Sinuses, Nasal and Palette Glands
  • C4 - Eye, Sinuses, Nasal and Palette Glands, Sublingual Glands, Submaxilary Glands
  • C5 - Parotid Gland, Sublingual Glands, Submaxilary Glands
  • C6 - Parotid Gland, Thyroid
  • C7 - Thyroid, Lungs


Thoracic Spine - Mid Back (T1 - T12)

The twelve thoracic vertebrae, T1 - T12, are connected to your ribs. If you follow the path of your ribs around from the front or sides, to the back, you can feel where they attach to the thoracic vertebrae in the back.


  • T1 - Lungs, Heart, Parotid Gland, Carotid Artery, Pulmonary Artery
  • T2 - Lungs, Heart, Parotid Gland, Carotid Artery
  • T3 - Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Pulmonary Artery, Carotid Artery
  • T4 - Liver
  • T5 - Stomach
  • T6 - Pancreas
  • T7 - Spleen
  • T8 - Liver
  • T9 - Adrenal
  • T10 - Small Intestines
  • T11 - Kidney
  • T12 - Kidney


Lumbar Spine - Lower Back (L1 - L5)

The five lumbar vertebrae are the biggest, thickest and most massive vertebrae. Because they support the weight of the entire spine, many spinal problems occur in the lower back.


  • L1 - Large Intestines
  • L2 - Large Intestines
  • L3 - Large Intestines, Spleen, Bladder
  • L4 - Large Intestines, Bladder
  • L5 - Large Intestines, Spleen, Bladder



Under the lumbar vertebrae is the sacrum, a triangular-shaped bone that connects to the hips on either side.


  • Large Intestines, Spleen, Bladder


Coccyx - Basebone or Tailbone

The bottom end of the spinal column is a little piece of bone made up of four fused vertebrae, all that's left of the human tailbone. It is named after the Greek word, Kokkyx, or cuckoo, because early anatomists thought it resembled a cuckoo's beak.




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