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welcome to underwood chiropractic

Underwood Chiropractic Clinic can help consult with you on your nutritional needs and how supplementation can help you feel better.The food you eat is supposed to provide your body

with everything required to keep healthy and strong, but sometimes our diet isn't as perfect as it should be. That's when the correct supplementation becomes invaluable.


Whether you need energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbal or dietary supplements, we have the perfect product to suit your needs.


  • Looking to lose weight?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Is stress ruling your life?
  • Are you experiencing aches and pains?
  • Want to ensure that you have all the vitamins and minerals, proteins and nutrients your body requires?


Talk with doctors at Underwood Chiropractic about your supplementation needs and let them help you choose the right supplements for your situation and needs.

Underwood Chiropractic Clinic, 11851 Coursey Blvd, Suite A, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

11851 Coursey Blvd. Suite A, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816 | Phone: (225) 293-1700

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